Young Professionals

youth committee


The Bow River Basin Council Young Professionals Committee was formed in the spring of 2012 with the purpose of engaging the next generation of water leaders. The young professionals commitee is focused on providing youthful enthusiasm to stewardship groups and projects within our watershed.

  •  To provide support and involvement in current and future BRBC projects and Committees
  •  To engage, motivate and maintain on-going involvement of professional and academic youth in BRBC projects and Committees
  •  To create excitement and provide support to the next generation of water leaders in the Bow Basin, through education, knowledge sharing and engagement

If you are interested in getting involved contact us.


Annual Projects

    1.  Outreach events for youth
      Purpose: Educate youth about the state of the watershed and the role of the BRBC.
      Method: Presentations to High Schools, Post-secondary, Summer schools, other Environmental groups.

    2. Support for Existing BRBC Projects
      Purpose: Increase the capacity of the BRBC
      Method: Identify projects that may be supported by youth. In particular projects that may be eligible for university credit. In return commit to providing volunteers with a reference.

    3. Succession planning
      Purpose: Expose young people to the work of the BRBC, develop future leaders in the basin.
      Method: A mentorship program in which an individual would rotate through each of the BRBC committees, attend a board meeting, and conduct a SWOT analysis for discussion at a future BRBC retreat.

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