Watershed Stewardship

Chair: Shirley Pickering


There are many stewardship organizations, government bodies, community groups, academic institutions, and industries that operate within the Bow River Basin and share a common goal: to improve the management and protection of water resources in the Bow River Basin.

These groups perform a wide variety of functions, from research, monitoring, enforcement, and restoration to education, planning and policy development and implementation. Through their programs, current management practices may be improved to mitigate or potentially avoid further pressures on the basin's limited water resources.

Since the first State of the Bow River Report was written in 1994, there has been substantial media attention and public interest in the basin's water resources. Organizations continue to form within the basin, each with their own focus, challenges and success stories. The following paragraphs describe some of the programs and organizations currently active across the basin. Other programs that operate within certain reaches have been highlighted in the individual reach chapters. It was not possible to acknowledge all programs and groups worthy of attention in this report. If your organization has not been mentioned and you would like your activities to be included in the next State of the Bow River Basin Report, please contact the Bow River Basin Council at (403) 268-4597 to share your information.

The BRBC represents a group of organizations and individuals who share a common belief that the water resources within the Basin represent our lifeline and are to be conserved and protected. The broad mission of the BRBC is to encourage cooperative and effective strategies for water use management and environmental stewardship. Representatives on the Council include urban and rural municipalities, the irrigation industry and cooperative districts, commercial and industrial companies, educational, recreational and ecological interests, First Nation peoples, the provincial and federal governments, and highly committed members of the general public.

In 2004, the Government of Alberta formally recognized the BRBC as theWatershed Planning and Advisory Council for the Bow River Basin.

The Council's ultimate goal is to participate in or promote activities that will help the Bow River Basin achieve the best water quality of any highly populated river basin in Canada. The Council seeks to work with partners in establishing the Bow River Basin as the best managed watershed in the world.

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