Stakeholder Engagement Committee (SEC)


To develop and implement communication, engagement and fund development frameworks for the Bow River Basin Council.

The SEC's objectives are to:

  • Develop materials that educate and engage stakeholders regarding watershed management issues and initiatives in the Bow River Basin. 
  • Profile the BRBC's initiatives to conserve, protect and improve the waters of the Bow River Basin. 
  • Encourage dialogue and collaboration among agencies responsible for water management in the Bow River Basin.

Key Activities

Communications, Engagement, Fund Development:

  • Hold quarterly forums (three Educational and Networking forums; one Watershed Stewardship forum)
  • Prepare the BRBC Annual Report
  • Prepare the quarterly Preserving Our Lifeline newsletter
  • Prepare weekly News and Events bulletins
  • Maintain social media presence (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)
  • Maintain the BRBC website, including the Bow River Basin State of the Watershed site
  • Ensure marketing/outreach materials meet BRBC needs
  • Publicize the BRBC through displays at public events
  • Organize relevant conferences/workshops that promote the BRBC's activities in the basin
  • Monitor membership satisfaction by conducting annual surveys
  • Work with members of the BRBC Board or staff to support fundraising

Membership and Meetings

  • BRBC Staff: BRBC Executive Director, Deputy Director & Program Manager, Fund Development & Member Services
  • There are approximately 10 BRBC members on this committee at any given time
  • The SEC Chair is chosen by committee members and endorsed by the BRBC Board
  • The committee meets a minimum of six times per year (or as required) and may do so in person, by conference call, or online.

Recently Completed Projects/Initiatives

  • West Bragg Creek educational sign
  • Social media guidelines
  • Publications guidelines
  • Updated Terms of Reference

Other Projects/initiatives

Articles of Interest

Join the SEC

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