About the Bow River Basin Council

Who We Are

The Bow River Basin Council (BRBC) is a collaborative and multi-stakeholder, charitable organization that is dedicated to conducting activities and programs that encourage and advance the enjoyment, learning, and protection of the waters of the Bow River Basin.

The Bow River Basin Council was established in 1992 as an advisory body to the provincial Minister of Environmental Protection. It's broad mandate is to promote awareness, improvement and protection of the Bow River water quality, foster cooperation among agencies with water quality responsibilities, and provide communication links among governments, interest groups and the general public. The BRBC includes representatives from urban and rural municipalities, irrigated and dryland agriculture, as well as recreational, industrial and other interests, and First Nations people within the Bow River Basin.

In 2004, the BRBC was designated by Alberta Environment as the Watershed Planning and Advisory Council for the Bow River basin in Alberta's Water for Life strategy.

The Bow River Basin Council is a multi-stakeholder, registered non-profit charitable society that has a broad mandate of encouraging cooperative and effective strategies for water use management and environmental stewardship. The BRBC is an inclusive, cooperative and collaborative organization with a mission to engage all key stakeholders in assessing the conditions of their watershed , so as to develop plans and activities to advance, protect and improve the waters of the Bow River Basin.

Representatives on the Council include urban and rural municipalities, federal and provincial governments, irrigated and dryland agriculture, commercial and industrial companies, educational institutions, First Nations, recreational and ecological interest groups, and the general public.

The Council’s primary goal is to participate in or promote activities that will help the Bow River Basin achieve the highest water quality of any highly populated river basin in Canada. By working with its partners, the BRBC envisions a future where Bow River Basin will be recognized as one of the best-managed watersheds in the world.

Council's Mission and Purpose 


The Bow River Basin Council (BRBC) is a multi-stakeholder, charitable organization dedicated to conducting activities for the improvement and protection of the waters of the Bow River Basin, considering:

  • Riparian zones
  • Aquatic ecosystems
  • Quality and quantity of water, and
  • Effects of land use on surface and groundwater


In the Bow River Basin, the BRBC will:

  • Maintain a forum for all Council members to share perspectives and exchange information
  • Prioritize water use management issues in the basin that may affect the quality and/or quantity of groundwater or surface water or riparian zones
  •  Participate in water use management and planning activities
  •  Develop and recommend improved water use management procedures and performance measures
  •  Encourage the implementation of cooperative water use management strategies
  •  Participate in activities that promote and demonstrate increased awareness of water use management issues to its members, the governments of Alberta and Canada, and the public
  •  Conduct and direct fundraising for the BRBC
  •  Obtain and use assets and funds entrusted to the BRBC for benevolent, cultural, ecological, educational, planning and/or recreational purposes for the improvement and protection of the Bow River Basin 
  •  Review and decide upon requests for funds and/or resources from the Council and others on the basis of the merits of the requests, availability of funds, and sound financial and project management principles


Administrative Manual:


  pdf Administrative Manual (581.37 kB) (54 KB)

Business Plan:

BRBC Business Plan 2019-2022


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