Stakeholders Engagement Committee (SEC)

Role of Committee

The Stakeholders Engagement Communications Committee prepares and implements the strategies that represent the Council's work in public education and communications. Key areas include:

  • Promoting awareness, protection and accountability for all activities affecting the quality and quantity of the water resources of the Bow River Basin; 
  • Profiling the work of the Council in protecting the water resources of the Bow River Basin through cooperation and communication; 
  • Fostering cooperation, communication, consistency and operational efficiency among agencies with responsibility for water quality management in the Bow River Basin.

Key Activities of the Committee

  • Producing the Council Newsletter Preserving Our Lifeline.
  • Publicizing the Council through tradeshow displays at public events.
  • Maintaining an Internet homepage for the Council.
  • Organizing relevant conferences / workshops that promote the Council's research and activities in the basin.

Membership of the Committee

  • Council Executive Director
  • Approximately 10 Council members
  • The Chair of the Committee is chosen by the Committee members and endorsed by Council
  • Co-chairs Carolyn Bowen and Jennifer Makar

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